Intelligent Reconciliation

Our advanced algorithms and automation capabilities match incoming and outgoing payments with corresponding orders or transactions, reducing manual effort and potential errors.

Dedicated sub-accounts

Assign a dedicated sub-account to reconcile payments instantly for a business or individual. Funds segregated in sub-accounts can be used for pre-defined purposes and traced to the source.

Real-time data synchronization

Subscribe to the webhook for receiving payment updates in real-time, ensuring accurate and up-to-date reconciliation.

Customizable reconciliation rules

Auto-sweep the reconciled funds using configurable rules. Flexible reconciliation rules allow customization based on your specific requirements, such as fee structures, commission calculations, or currency conversions.

Compliance and regulation made simple

Comprehensive reporting and analytics
Generate reports and provide analytics to offer insights into payment trends, transaction volumes, revenue streams, and discrepancies, aiding in financial analysis and decision-making.

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