Global Real Time Payments 

Create modern API-based payment experiences within your platform to receive, send and manage payments globally.

Collect payments

Leverage real time payment systems worldwide for lower costs, faster settlement and zero chargebacks. Collect payments from global customers in their preferred currency and payment method.

Automated reconciliation and reporting

Reconcile incoming payments via API, or create a webhook subscription to receive event callbacks to your server when payments are received. Eliminate reconciliation hassles by issuing an IBAN to every customer in each currency, with no limit to the number you can create. Generate detailed reports for insights and to audit payments.

Streamlined compliance and regulation management

Minimize the number of internal resources you need to maintain by having compliance and regulation requirements managed by us. From user onboarding, to KYC, KYB, regulatory reporting, fraud protection and risk management our platform does the heavy lifting for you.

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